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  About Us
C. Gheewala Financial Consultant founded by Mr. Chandrakant Gheewala On 11th day of September 1980 & converted in to corporate body viz. C. Gheewala Financial Consultant Private Limited (CGFC) CIN: U65923GJ1990PTC014296 on 3rd day of September 1990 , an Era Where Investor had limited knowledge about Stock Market or Any other financial Instruments. A vision and mission was to create financial shelter for investors. Mr. Chandrakant Gheewala Founder of the company with the help of Mr. Kamlesh C. Gheewala and Mr. Nimesh C. Gheewala started Stock Market Broking and Debt Segment Investment and Advised investors to invest in Corporate Fixed Deposits, Bonds & shares Etc. With a mission to create Investors’ weath. C Gheewala Financial Consultant Private Limited (CGFC) became A Leading Sub Broking Firm in and around South Gujarat region. Later on, CGFC Started Commodity Trading, Mutual Funds, IPOs, NFO. Complete and almost accurate Fundamental & Technical Research was provided to Protect Investment from Market volatility & uncertainty till it was allowed by the regulatory authority.

By the way, we succeed to acquire Membership of Vadodara Stock Exchange (VSE) and Later on we also became a member of a leading commodity exchange i.e. Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and hold up to 2016. We expand our services by forming another corporate body viz. “Surat Share Services Private Limited, CIN: U67120GJ2007PTC049820” on 19th day of January 2007.

The captioned company is serving investors on behalf of a leading broker “Swastika Invest mart Limited”. We are serving a huge client base across the World and providing our best services to our cliental as an authorized Person of our parent broker.

Gheewala Group provides trading platform to investors in all segments i.e. Equity, commodities, currency, diamond, Mutual Fund, derivatives, ETF etc. we believe in Digital India and hence we have started Web Services to serve our clients to guide all of you to grow your money either as a short term trader as well as long term investor on the basis of fundamental parameters and on technical grounds.


We have observed that neither only fundamental nor only technical suggestions are sufficient to take proper decision at a proper time. Hence someone takes trading or investment position with the support of both fundamentals and technical factor, which tends to perform very brilliantly. We have observed in numerous instances that trader or investor take the entry in the capital market at the right time but temptation and market environment does not allow him to exit at a proper time. Exit is more important as the entry level is. Side by side, if a stock looks excellent on the basis of fundamental one cannot ignore the support of technical tools. Short term traders should give more focus on technical than fundamental. While long term investors should pick the stock not at a time when he came to know about the good performance or any information of the particular stock. Timing of such an investment should be guided by technical factors. Our Parent Broker provides all above services through various way. SMS, Flash on Trading Terminal, arranging small group meeting of clients and telephonic advice by their expert research analysts.

Many investors earnings in thousands/lakhs but, unable to trade in a fashion it should be, due to lack of right information at right time and inability to spare time during market hours. Majority portion of their money goes to bank deposits, mutual funds, ULIPs, LIC or postal instruments etc. Now you are just away from a phone call from a trading workstation due to mobility.

Investment in capital market requires constant watch on your portfolio and/or outstanding position because of high volatility in the market. Our purpose is to making financial communication accurate, complete and real time.

Volatility in the market mostly remain more time across the year, which confuse investors / traders when to buy, how to buy or / and what to hedge. The purpose of Gheewalagroup.com is to aware clients of corporate results, dividend announcement and guidance from parent broker for trading and investment purpose. We will provide live rate of all scripts through NSE / BSE website. We are in capital market since 1980 and have a rich experience of the financial market. We also cater our services in the following fields with the help of authority’s approved person(s).

  • Trading platform for cash and derivative market. (Equity, commodities, Diamond)

  • Mutual funds – NFO & on going

  • Portfolio Advisory Services through approved Broker.

  • Exclusive live conversation chat room

  • Online solution of your queries

  • Initial Public Offer ( IPO)

  • Life insurance and General insurance

  • Trade Confirmation by SMS services

  • Personal and Mortgage Loan from Banks
Director of C. Gheewala Financial Private Limited (CGFC) & Surat Share Services Private Limited (SSSPL), member of Gheewala Group, Mr. Nitish Kamlesh Gheewala has completed his graduation in commerce faculty and posses reach experience in capital market. He is a columnist in a prominent newspaper and weekly magazine.
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