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C.Gheewala - Financial Consultant Latest News
C.Gheewala is a financial communication platform to guide all of you to grow your money either as a short term trader as well as long term investor on the basis of fundamental parameters and on technical grounds. We have observed that neither only fundamental or only technical suggestions are sufficient to take proper decision at a proper time. Hence someone takes trading or investment position with the support of both fundamentals and technical factor which tends to perform very brilliantly. We have observed in numerous instances that trader or investor take the entry in the capital market at the right time but temptation and market environment does not allow him to exit at a proper time.
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Date: 31/12/2018
Securities Under Ban Period
The derivative contracts in Adani Power securities has crossed 95% of the market-wide position limit and are currently in the ban period. It is hereby informed that all clients/members shall trade in the derivative contracts of said security only to decrease their positions through offsetting positions. Any increase in open positions shall attract appropriate penal and disciplinary action in accordance with the Circular No. NSCC/F&O/C&S/365 dated August 26, 2004.
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